GitHub Naming Conventions: Issues & Commits


We use four categories of labels, so at a glance, we can see the context of every issue. Each issue should—if possible—have no more than one label for each category.


  • status: in-progress — actively being worked on.
  • status: upcoming — Soon™. Maybe some progress but not actively being worked on.
  • status: backlog — Everything else.


  • type: feature — new functionality.
  • type: enhancement — makes something that was possible before simpler, more powerful, or adds to existing functionality.
  • type: question
  • type: task — usually mundane; routine; a chore.
  • type: bug


  • priority: urgent — everything has a normal priority unless labeled as urgent.


Value describes who is benefiting from this issue. This helps us align pipeline with strategy and business goals.

  • value: admin
  • value: user
  • value: dev


Start all commit messages with [refs #<issue-number>]. For example, if you’re working on issue 149, all of your commits should begin with [refs #149]. This allows us to link every commit back to both an issue and a branch.

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